Why the pivot to #GC2019 Connectional Conferences Plan Support?



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Working through all the options.

It's the same group of delegates as in 2016. There likely is not support for opening the door to affirmation across our annual conferences. There's not support for disciplining in other jurisdictions other than your own. The Western Jurisdiction is likely protected. Which leaves the Connectional Conference. Outside of the progressives actively supporting, then I don't think it can pass and I actually think the conservative conferences would prefer nothing to implementing the Connectional Conference Plan. In the end, the conservative conferences would not vote for it, but would never admit it unless they had to.

Once we do nothing, it will be put up or shut up time. The most conservatives conferences will meet in the summer and either vote to leave or not. Then if one does, that will reopen the issue in all the other conferences and we'll see how many, if any, annual conferences we lose. To me, this is the ideal solution for the conservative conferences as they rid themselves of all the general church bureaucracy in own action.

Anonymous more than 2 years ago