Will the Trump Moment Change the Course of The #UMC?

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You are so out of touch

with the rest of the rank and file United Methodists in other parts of America it is not even funny! I am a white female with an advanced college degree and a life long Methodist/United Methodist who voted for Trump because I am tired of progressive elites who think they have it all figured out but do not have a clue! I am not a racist, homophobe, Islamaphobe or any other type of phobe you would care to label me with. From my perspective the Wesleyan Covenant Association is not the antagonist intolerant progressive elites who live in their ivory towers are! You landed square on what is making the UMC irrelevant: an ivory tower leadership who is detached from the rank and file membership. Hillary Clinton made the same mistake and that is what opened the door for Trump! This country is supposed to have room for everybody, including conservatives whites who are not looking for the government to do anything for them except create a space where my family and I can live a productive life and feel free to live out our beliefs while giving others the exact same opportunity! That is the bedrock America was founded on!

Betsy more than 5 years ago