American's Idol



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This timely issue won't go away

Sure, the ushers might have taken out Dr. George Tiller's cowardly assassin if they were packing? While armed security can be positive, the fetishization of guns is a worse problem. I am not opposed for licensing some open carry or concealed carry applicants. However, if I was in charge (President Hillary, keep me in mind of this post in 2017) I would require psychological exams of all applicants which would eliminate more than half of them. My nephew Matt is one and he is a good fellow, but those who pack sort of put targetson their backs, as out local grocery store's manager told me about seeing a nother customer with a holstered sidearm. "If the store was overcome with armed assailants, he's the one they'd take out first. The wild west is a myth. There was ONE major historical gunfight, at Arizona's OK corral. Most frontiersmen who discharged their arms only dispatched bears and rattlesnakes and the like.

George Nixon Shuler, CLS more than 6 years ago

American's Idol

Amen, brother! We also tend to allow fear to become a motivator. Violence is taught as a way to have power over personal and international fear and threat. Whether or not fear or threat is rationally real, we allow it to control us and desire weapons, rather than God to be our protection. Our national motto should be, In Guns We Trust.

Gary Olsen-Hasek more than 6 years ago

America's idols

We also make idols of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, protection against self-incrimination among others. Where do we get these idols? From our constitution and bill of rights. If we treated the first amendment the same way some treat the second amendment imagine the cries of anguish we would hear.

Kevin more than 6 years ago

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