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This is the money shot right here

"We failed our LGBTQ siblings by making them scapegoats for our fundamental failure to understand them."

Among adherents of the extremist antigay ideology there are primarily (1) people who think "there are no gay people in my church or my town," and (2) those with an ax to grind, who have a history of an animus with an LGBTQIA family member. Both of course are as Vladamir Lenin's "useful idiots" to the cynical manipulators who view the conflict as an opportunity to advance their own raw, naked power as they engage in maneuvers parlimetary which would make Niccolo Macchiavelli blush.

Among groups (1) and (2) as noted above, however, one factor seems to stand out most of all: most of them are a bunch of Mrs. Grundys who are confused about sexuality and relationships. Kurt Vonnegut Jr. characterized them as "They have forgiven themselves and their friends of anything and everything. But they have been absolutely disgusted by the sexuality of ordinary men and women," in his short story "Welcome to the Monkey House. Argue with any of them and sooner of later they will describe the forces opposing them as advocates of "Anything Goes," which ironically is the title of a satirical play and the title song by Cole Porter, himself a tragically flawed closeted gay man, in 1927. These types do not grok that Porter's farce was not in any sense a valid judgment on the Roaring 20s pop culture. They are immune to satire and irony.

And the brokers of this tragicomedy here? Laughing all the way to the bank, as usual.

George Nixon Shuler more than 2 years ago


With all due respect George, I think you have missed the point of this cartoon and prose - and then exaggerated your mistake by lambasting the people you see as the enemy. This cartoon and prose is definitely not about getting in a "money shot" or a "zinger" (Wesley Bros. is certainly thought provoking and witty, but never cutting in my experience). It's a lament about the fact that we all lost at the General Conference in St. Louis last week because our understanding was fraught with human brokenness. I get that you're angry and I pray you have peace, but demeaning and devaluing the motivations of brothers and sisters in Christ who believe differently than you isn't the response we need in the wake of what happened in St. Louis.

Jeff Walker more than 2 years ago