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Tell me where these rights exist...

What they are denied is the right to be ordained for the ministry while actively engaged in homosexual life. Are we to start picking and choosing which parts of the Bible or if the words mean what they are supposed to mean. Homosexuality can't be sacramentalized. It can be tolerated as the person works toward a chaste and Christian goal but can't be sacramentalized by ordination.

Brian Evers more than 1 year ago


What incredible hypocrisy! The anti-GLBT folk placed damning statements in the Book of Discipline about GLBT folk, even saying that homosexuality is 'not compatible' with Christianity, and then you have the nerve to tell us we are not being oppressed and so need to "watch our language"?!

How dare you!

This schism cannot come about fast enough to suit me, or most others.

Ben more than 1 year ago

Helping People

You are not helping people by telling them to continue sinning. Dietrich Bonhoeffer spoke of “Cheap Grace” as no bargain – it's “the preaching of forgiveness without requiring repentance.” Costly Grace is what you want and it “compels” us to follow Christ.

Skipper more than 1 year ago

How should we treat them?

I find the hypocrisy around LGBTQ folks among the Traditionalists to be quite problematic.

Their reasoning, based [usually] on a 'plain reading' of the Bible, is that the Church should not allow them to be married or ordained. It's fine for them to be members, to be part of the life of the Church, but they are relegated to second class status (not that any Traditionalist leader would admit to that terminology).

But the Bible, if you are using the 'plain reading' formula, is quite clear. Homosexuality is an abomination. The only reason these folks shouldn't be stoned is because Jesus came out and said that only one pure can judge that (i.e. God).

And while Jesus said "Love your neighbor", and gave amazing examples of what that means, the Traditionalists seem to have decided that preaching damnation at the LGBTQ folks is the way that Love should be expressed. But, ironically, because 'those people' are unrepentant sinners (aren't we all, to some degree), it's not really love that drives the view.

So how a Traditionalist can argue that LGBTQ can be fully part of the Church (almost), and yet the reason they are limited is a 'shorthand' reading of the Bible - which doesn't actually include the specific actions demanded by the Bible (or even, at the very least, separating 'those' people from the devout)... I don't get it.

Love them, or don't love them. Don't pretend. You can't have it both ways.

JR more than 1 year ago

John Wesley said so himself.

JW, in his Quadrilateral method would look to the plain reading of the bible first. That is why the Traditionalists use that method. In the bible, its the act and embrace of the lifestyle of homosexuality that separates a person from God, not the proclivity. We are all fallen and can be Christians as long as we admit our fallen nature is what keeps us from fullfillment with God. We can not sacramentalize sin, wheter it be adultry, theft, murder, lieing, or any other item that separates.

brian evers more than 1 year ago