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I just cannot believe the number of hate-filled anti-LGBT comments on this site.

Number of times Jesus condemned homosexuality: 0.

Get over it. Stop hurting innocents.

First, the right didn't want to share pews with African Americans. Then, they refused to ordain African Americans and women. Now, they bully LGBT people.

Whom will you choose to bully next? Those who choose designer jeans over classic indigo Levis?

Ben more than 2 years ago

My patience grows also thin

And I am not even gay or an ethnic minority. I am still trying to process the reality that I am part of a church that is nothing more than a morass of theological plurality and there is absolutely no agreement about anything. And as a result, it has degenerated into theological factions jockeying for position and control. I am tired of being part of a local church that blows in the theological wind of whatever pastor or other staff member who walks in the door! I did not realize that I was dedicating 20 years of my adult life to an organization that has no collective clue of who it is and what it needs to be doing. Bottom line, the UMC is not for anybody--gay or straight--who is seeking to live a life centered in God; especially if you are a pew person looking for answers. The UMC has absolutely no answers for anybody because right now it could not agree on the best way to get out of a paper bag.

betsy more than 2 years ago

UMC and Full Inclusion

It would be so nice to be a part of a church that values all who love God and their neighbors. I cannot, in good conscience, be a part of a church that it hurtful or discriminatory to people who are born as they are, and thus cannot change to suit the whims of the Good News Crowd who want everything "only their way." The OCP allows the more conservative of our members, "Good News, Rob Renfroe and Tom Lambrect, for instance, to refuse full inclusion for all, if they so desire. It, also, allows churches and conferences to allow full inclusion. In a Christian Church there must always be cooperation and the ability to see things in a different light and to grow. If we do not grow and change as we learn new information, we stagnate and die.

Carla and Robert Skidmore more than 2 years ago

Go Looking

There are plenty of denominations out there that would welcome you. No need to stay in the UMC if you disagree with its BOD. Gotta love that First Amendment.

Dave more than 2 years ago

God Loves You

God does love you, no matter what! Even people living lives of sexual perversion. But that doesn't mean God approves of it. Through His grace God will forgive us when we repent.

Miles McPherson said “If you want a good relationship with God, obey the rules. If you don't want a good relationship with God, don't worry about the rules.

You did well to move on and not moan and complain constantly at a church you cannot accept. But think about this - one day you might feel differently. Methodists are strong on holiness because we believe when God told us to be holy because He is holy, that we should be obedient children and do our best to take Him seriously and follow His wishes.

Skipper more than 2 years ago