Making Pens and the 'Nashville Statement'



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Nashville statement

Okay, I will play along on your desire to talk process. I am a life long UMC member, missions chairman for my church. I read my Bible and it is perfectly clear, just as it has been for 2000 years, that homosexuality is a sin. However, others, many who are "church leaders", have a social agenda to not offend those who are homosexual and look for ways to twist scripture to say homosexuality is not a sin, and even it is okay for them to marry. I prefer to follow the process of hearing and following God's word. Others prefer to follow a social justice, secular humanism process.

So, I ask you, which is the process God would have us to follow. The UMC needs to endorse the Nashville Statement and start enacting disciplinary actions against those who violate the Book of Discipline. We don't need to like what God tells us, but as UMC members and especially church leaders, we must follow them and not look for ways around them.

Steve more than 4 years ago