Minya and Manchester: On Carelessness and Obsession



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It's the same thing

...as the media obsession with a missing white blonde girl in Aruba who disappeared during Spring Break while at the same time ignoring news of the cases of African-American women who were missing longer. In some sense it is the corporate media designating our darker-skinned Brothers and Sisters as not worthy of the coverage in the case of a missing blonde.

Plus, the media doesn't know what to do about persecuted North African Christians and those elsewhere, because it doesn't fit the narrative that everyone there is a Muslim - or in China, a communist, etc.

Or, consider this: there are plenty of people, mostly young, who actually believe all the Native American tribes were wiped out and that there are literally none left. Anecdotally, I know of a young man who found out in his twenties that he was about 1/4 Native American. He grew up in an all-white town so that may have affected his parents not telling him.

These are not isolated events. Increasing the number of people of color in decision-making positions in the media will help but it will not alone solve the problem.

There are so many complexities of culture which the present corporate media denies us. In 2012 while attending the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, I happened to ride with a cab driver who was somewhat dark-skinned. He had come here from Egypt, but said he was a "Nubian" from the southern part of Egypt, and that his people were oppressed by the lighter-skinned Egyptians in northern Egypt. I had heard of Nubia and Nubians before as a history and geography buff, but had no concept of such a local minority in the present day.

George Nixon Shuler more than 2 years ago

Minya and Manchester

This is one of your best, Fr. Schmidt. These are people who have found their way through much strife to be Coptic Christians today...when I think of Egypt, I think of how Sadat wanted peace there and everywhere else, an exemplary role for other leaders there.

Mary Kathryn Berry more than 2 years ago


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