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The Lord has worked mighty miracles! He created the earth, you and me! He parted the waters in Egypt! He arose from death! It is good to remember these.

You said “What are miracles? Most of the time, miracles are about luck.” We can't deny some have better medical care than others. That's life. So what are miracles and do they occur today? John Wesley said every answered prayer is a miracle. He said the greatest miracle was the conversion of sinners. So that's the miracle we need to concentrate on! It's a spiritual miracle, but a miracle no less! When a sinner turns from sin and lives a New Life in Christ, it is a miracle!

I think God wants us to ask for what we need. So that includes healing. But He already knows what we need and we have to be prepared for the shock of when our prayer is not answered the way we would like.

For those that can't see a miracle right now, just be thankful for your blessings. Be thankful that the God of the universe will hear our prayers, knows your needs, loves you dearly, and sent His son to redeem you and me.

Skipper Anding more than 1 year ago


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