Moses the United Methodist



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Some obvious problems with this analogy

1. Moses and the Israelites were fleeing a pagan autocracy that enslaved them. So this is essentially suggesting that a) the United Methodists favoring the Traditional plan are non-Christians and b) that the liberal (and, let's face it, mostly white) faction of US Methodists has been enslaved by the largely African and Asian faction of UM's favoring the Traditional Plan.
2. The "take up the cross" bit is also off. Christ did not take up the cross in order to lead a secession movement from the Roman empire. He faced the unjust judgment and condemnation of the religious and civil authorities over him. He was mocked, slandered, brutalized, and finally murdered, and he submitted to this treatment in patience and love.

The Traditional Plan is unjust; the way of the cross is to stand before it in patient and peaceful witness. There is a disturbing tendency among the liberal American UM's to write off the entire continent of Africa as a lost cause, and ignore the quiet but real voices there for inclusion. They need support and solidarity. American UM's talking down to and dismissing their African counterparts undercuts these voices. And perhaps we need them more than they need us- an American liberal Methodist denomination, cut off from Methodists in Africa and Asia, will succumb to the soul-killing insularity of the American religious scene and wither.

Riain more than 2 years ago