Nein! A Response to Jason Micheli on Sanctification and Sex



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I did not become justified

because I have right beliefs. I became justified and finally found myself standing in the wide open space of God's amazing grace because I found an understanding of God that made sense of all the random pieces of theology I had been collecting over a lifetime of being a good church-supporting Methodist/United Methodist. I found an understanding that made sense of my life and enables me to live beyond the confused brokenness of it. And I found that in clear teaching of historic Christianity from an unlikely assortment of teachers from the communion of saints past and present who crisscrossed denominational lines, including John Wesley. Turns out that is exactly what Wesley did that ultimately took him to the wide open space of God's amazing grace that enabled led him to launch Methodism. The other thing I learned is this is not about me forcing my beliefs on anybody else; it is about me being able to live out my beliefs while respecting those who disagree with me. I am all for everybody living and teaching as they see fit. What I am against is a church that cannot decide what it believes about anything and everybody claims to have "The Answer" and everybody's "The Answer" cancels each other out leaving the church with nothing in particular to say about anything. I am tired of a church that has become a never ending discussion about what Christianity is about. Such a church left me spending the bulk of my life in a gray, nondescript area where I was unable to find peace with either God of the world; and John Wesley is right, that is an extremely miserable place to be. And as to sexuality, you have your reasons for your belief, I have mine and we both need the freedom to live them out because my reasons for my belief are as important and closely held as your reasons for your beliefs. As far as I am concerned, the only thing wrong with historic Christianity is that the UMC lost touch with it a long time ago. As far as I am concerned, the following paragraph written by my favorite young Calvinist best sums up the best Way Forward for the United Methodist Church:

from "The Good News We Almost Forgot" by Kevin DeYoung:
No doubt, the church in the west has many new things to learn. But for the most part, everything we need to learn is what we’ve already forgotten. The chief theological task now facing the Western church is not to reinvent or to be relevant but to remember. We must remember the old, old story. We must remember the faith once delivered to the saints. We must remember the truths that spark reformation, revival, and regeneration…In a church age confused about the essential elements of the Christian faith—and whether Christianity has any doctrinal center at all—[we need to remember the] one doctrine that matters most: We are, [by nature], great sinners and Christ is a greater Savior."

betsy more than 2 years ago