Orlando: The Compassion – and Complicity – of Christians



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This is an interesting summary

...of events since the Pulse attack and the history of oppression of our LGBTQIA Brothers and Sisters by the church. Right now, the United Methodist Church is controlled by antigay hatred of people in power within the church. One need look no further than the latest issue of "Good News," the house organ of the extremist caucus within the UMC, where Rev. Rob Renfroe gloats in a most uninhibited manner about the defeat of pro-gay forces at the General Conference. For those exploiting antigay sentiment to advance their own power and control, the loss of lives of the Pulse victims are meaningless. Their struggle to advance themselves leaves a lot of bodies on the side of the road. The commitment to fear and hatred of LGBTQIAs is pervasive and phenomenal. The intensity of the struggle to prevent the acceptance of the LGBTQIA is reflected in the harsh rhetoric and revealing victory dances like Rev. Renfroe's.

We all make mistakes and err on this or that, but I pray my errors are those of being too inclusive rather than too exclusive.

George Nixon Shuler more than 5 years ago