Our Sin Is Not A Zero Sum Game



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Wesley's understanding

That humanity is broken and the world is complicated was what most influenced his understanding of catholic spirit which is very much about agreeing to disagree but it also allows that sometimes that needs to happen at a distance.

betsy more than 1 year ago

Excellent ending!

If more people understood that we are all sinners and as a result the world has become a complicated place--including the church--things might go better. It is a very mature Wesleyan understanding of humanity and the world. To take it a step farther, a Wesleyan understanding of the catholic spirit is that we can agree to disagree but sometimes that needs to happen at a distance. Wesley's goal of a "practical religion for a plain person" was not a shallow endeavor because his starting point was an acknowledgment of the inherent brokenness of humanity and how that makes the world and the church a very complex place. That is why Wesley's Priority #1 was never the establishment of a utopia, it was enabling individuals to live a life centered in God regardless of their circumstances right here and right now.

betsy more than 1 year ago

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