Pastor Asks President: #Resign&Repent



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False prophet

Trump's words (lies) and actions (bullying, revenge) do not indicate that he is a Christian. He is using religious issues to lure Christians to vote for him. He will never resign or repent because he wants power and money. Christians should not put their IRA's above doing what is right. Mitt Romney is the only Republican senator who has stood up for right knowing the Trump will do all he can to destroy him. Christians need to examine their consciences. What kind of example are you giving your children and grandchildren?

Julia Smith 17 days ago

Look at the long term benefits

Didn't vote for President TRUMP to be my spiritual leader- instead I look to him to reverse much of the liberal agendas brought on by his predecessors. He is doing an amazing job with court appointments, making it okay to say Merry Christmas again without fear of backlash from employers, helping to change views on abortion, reducing black unemployment - I could go on and on. I feel like the tide has been turned for healthy family living again.

John 17 days ago

I was never afraid to say Merry Christmas

As for the rest of his 'accomplishments', I'm glad you feel that you can oppress others, now that you aren't being oppressed by liberals. I guess you don't understand what made America great in the first place.

JR 14 days ago

Resign and repent

My 401K is doing fantastic. I am willing to bet that UMC unfunded pension liabilities have also been reduced over the past two years through economic growth. Think about that. I am not going to bite the hand that is feeding me.
Pulpit politicking never plays well.

Kevin 17 days ago


Very odd indeed. To press first for resignation ... then repentance. Odd. Like putting the cart before the horse. Odd. To focus on first the political and only then to focus on the spiritual. Odd. Very odd indeed.

bthomas 17 days ago

Stay out of politics

Do NOT get involved in politics. This is the devil’s territory.

Billl 17 days ago

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