Pastoral Payment and Missional Appointments



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Change the Discipline

There are a couple of judicial council rulings that prevent a conference from paying pastoral salaries as opposed to a local church. Some basic changes to the BOD have to take place for any change to be implemented. Unfortunately.

Sky McCracken more than 1 year ago

Pastoral appointment

Mr. Scott: Your approach assumes that pastoral appointment by the Bishop and the cabinet results in a better pastoral fit within congregations. In all my years as a United Methodist (30 years) in 7 different congregations with each congregation being served by multiple appointed pastors only 3 pastors out of 10 were a good fit for the congregation. Smaller churches are under-served by the appointment system. Congregationalism in pragmatic terms is a much better system. That system allows congregations to replace pastors at will if the fit is ineffective. In the appointment system poor pastors are passed around to smaller churches doing immense damage.

Jeff more than 1 year ago


I’ve always thought the annual conference should
Pay pastors salary much like they do in the England methodist church. Makes sense all around! How do we get there?

Jonathan more than 1 year ago