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So Right!

The history of the people of God, including the Church, is full of saintly people discussing and debating the truth. The apostolic fathers had heated debates over the meaning of scriptures all the time. For the most part, Christians have agreed on the essentials. Nevertheless, sadly, over the years we have been divided by people who picked certain issues to be their "my way or the highway" issues. I find the debates interesting, myself, and would never throw someone out or condemn anyone for disagreeing with me. The day of judgment with a holy God will be a sad day for persons who do such things. I think Jesus made that pretty clear in what he said about the self-righteous and judgmental Scribes, Pharisees, and Sadducees.

Paul more than 8 years ago

so wrong

I think God would say "isn't this article terrible". Consider the topic of salvation and think it through. A person holding to "isn't this great". Will be met by an intolerant God who said, Those who believe in the Son of God have life. Those who do not believe do not." The day of judgement with a holy God is the wrong day to discuss alternative views and can't we just agree to disagree.

kevin more than 8 years ago