Reflections on the Prophets: Amos 7




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both sides of the current conflict in the UMC consider themselves the prophetic voice of Amos.

JR more than 2 years ago

Amos, What seeest Thou?

"...Thus He showed me: and behold the Lord stood upon a wall made by a plumb line, with a plumb line in His hand. And The Lord said unto me, Amos, what seest thou? And I said, a plumb-line. And said the Lord, Behold, I will set a plumb line in the midst of my people Israel: I will not again pass by them any more." (Amos 7:7-8).

Ray Burgess writes, "A plumline is a simple tool made of a cord with a weight attached to one end. It is used by brick masons and other builders to test the verticality of a wall or other structures. If a wall or a foundation leans, it is out-of-plumb." Perhaps our current imbroglio is another form of this "Plumline," a device revealing our shortcomings.

George Nixon Shuler more than 2 years ago