Religious Freedom Protects Our Right to Worship, Not to Discriminate



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Burned Cake

"Refusing to bake a cake for your neighbors is decidedly not a struggle for religious liberty. In fact, it trivializes the experience of people of Abrahamic faiths who have fought, bled and in some cases died for their right to worship." With respect, no. Simply no. The baker to whom you refer is well within his rights under the COTUS as applied by the SCOTUS. It is no different that when a baker refuses to bake a cake or a broadcaster refuses to air a commercial/program or a school refuses to host an assembly that conflicts with their personal commitments. The exact same principle applies to the baker, etc. as apply to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Thomas 301 days ago

Freedom is not a right to be free from consequences

The cake baker was engaged in a commercial enterprise, not a religious act. His claim to be acting religiously was a bearing of false witness. The right to discriminate unjustly in business is a crime. The fellow deserves to have his business license suspended.

George N Shuler 299 days ago

A business is still a private entity

And the owner has every right to decide who they will and who they will not serve. And you have every right to boycott any business that you do not see eye to eye with. That is how free enterprise works. Nobody is forced to do anything that they feel is unacceptable to them. Nobody's understanding is inferior or superior to anybody else's, only different. It is known as individual freedom and my individual freedom ends where yours begins and yours ends where mine begins. I respect your right to have a different understanding than me, but when you cannot show me the same respect, then we have a major problem.

betsy 297 days ago