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From George Washington to Donald Trump



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Religion and politics

Thank you for your well-researched article on politics and religion. I've read books on the subject, and they say the alliance between Christianity and the GOP has been a long road in which (surprise, surprise) money and power played significant roles.
But in the age of Trump, it has become increasingly complicated. I think you mentioned that he had cultivated a politics of resentment among those who were/are financially disenfranchised, which has little to do with religion. Yet there is definitely a religious connection, no matter how vague or senseless it may be. Almost every one of my Trump-voting friends describes Trump as a true Christian, although they don't state any clear reason why. They seem to just believe what he says, regardless of evidence.
I contend that although religious institutions may, as you say, not have as much political power as suggested, they do play a role, not only in the election but in the process of grooming parishioners to believe certain candidates.
Fundamentalist churches, in their effort to preserve the concepts of Biblical inerrancy, literal resurrection, etc., have consistently downplayed, dismissed, and scorned science and facts presented by educated experts, teaching church member instead to believe lofty promises, expect charismatic saviors, and trust stories of persecution. (Yes, Jesus was persecuted. No, Donald Trump is not.) And if all else fails, they turn to the abortion issue and the appointment of conservative judges, dismissing entirely the fact that those conservative judges passed Citizens United.
When I asked a Trump voting friend why she voted as she did, she replied, "I know you spend a lot of time researching issues and checking facts, but that's not who I am. I don't have time for that, I have to go with my gut and just do what feels right to me." Okay, so the election of one of the most powerful leaders in the world has been reduced to a feelings match. And powerful right-wing media sources have skillfully learned how to mine that territory.

Elsie Anne 33 days ago


Huge numbers of votes cast for Trump in 2016 were not pro-Trump votes at all, but anit-Clinton ones. That was one election (and this one is as well) in which there truly was no one worthy of a vote. I'll be holding my nose again as I cast a ballot for the least abhorrent candidate.

John 31 days ago

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