Schism Doesn't Mean Failure. It Means We're Alive



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According to many UM conservatives, we are...

already in schism. They claim that all that is left is for the denomination to vote to make the institutional reality conform with the doctrinal, theological, and spiritual one. You write, "From where I’m sitting, love grows out of schism. So bring it on, schism." If we're already in schism, where is the love that you claim should grow out of it? I don't see it yet. I doubt it will ever come, suggesting that your premise is no more valid than is the one you are rejecting.

Douglas Asbury more than 3 years ago


Frankly I've seen better efforts at rationalization by alcoholics stepping into bars and ordering drinks. I'm not necessarily opposed to schism - I would find it exhilarating for the UMC to find its right-wing caucus causing problems for somebody else. But I worry about those kids left behind in those churches they control. Another metaphor for this silly argument is that of the bully who beats a smaller kid and then says "You made me do that." One can easily imagine the author's condescending posture and snide glances as he reads this dreck aloud.

George Nixon Shuler more than 3 years ago

Wesley's rowboat

One of ny seminary professors described Wesley as a man in a rowboat with his face firmly set on the Church of England on shore, but with every stroke of the oars was moving further away from it.

Sarah Flynn more than 3 years ago



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