Schism or Splinter?



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Michigan/Texas proposal

I think the proposal offered by the bishops from the Michigan and Texas conferences is a good starting point. As GC can not agree, this plan allows the decision making to move down to the annual conference level. For some conferences this will be an easier decision than others. It will be interesting to see how each conference handles as giving away assets will be difficult in my opinion.

Anonymous more than 2 years ago


We are already in schism and have been.for years. Schism is simply when official bodies within the church decide to not follow the church's rules or choose not to accept church teaching.

td more than 2 years ago

Guess you missed this speech

By Dr. Jerry P. Kulah, Dean of Gbarnga School of Theology, United Methodist University in Liberia:

"Friends, please hear me, we Africans are not afraid of our sisters and brothers who identify as lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgendered, questioning, or queer. We love them and we hope the best for them. But we know of no compelling arguments for forsaking our church’s understanding of Scripture and the teachings of the church universal.

"And then please hear me when I say as graciously as I can: we Africans are not children in need of western enlightenment when it comes to the church’s sexual ethics. We do not need to hear a progressive U.S. bishop lecture us about our need to “grow up.”

"Let me assure you, we Africans, whether we have liked it or not, have had to engage in this debate for many years now. We stand with the global church, not a culturally liberal, church elite, in the U.S.

..."Unfortunately, some United Methodists in the U.S. have the very faulty assumption that all Africans are concerned about is U.S. financial support. Well, I am sure, being sinners like all of you, some Africans are fixated on money.

"But with all due respect, a fixation on money seems more of an American problem than an African one. We get by on far less than most Americans do; we know how to do it. I’m not so sure you do. So if anyone is so naïve or condescending as to think we would sell our birth right in Jesus Christ for American dollars, then they simply do not know us.

"We are seriously joyful in following Jesus Christ and God’s holy word to us in the Bible. And in truth, we think many people in the U.S. and in parts of Europe could learn a great deal from us. The UM churches, pastors and lay people who partner with us acknowledge as much.

"Please understand me when I say the vast majority of African United Methodists will never, ever trade Jesus and the truth of the Bible for money."

We will walk alone if necessary, and yet we are confident the ties of Christian fellowship we have with friends here in U.S. will not be severed even if they too must walk apart from a church that would adopt the One Church Plan.

betsy more than 2 years ago

No gracious exits.

The GC doesn't have the authority to give away assets of an annual conference. If your conference goes right, you go right with them and vice versa. That's Methodism 101. Love your enemies.

The progressives and conservative conferences are going to get what they want and leave it to the middle to fire everybody. It is what it is at this point.

Anonymous more than 2 years ago

For how long must we dither... I mean think about it

Does the author really think the rank and file have not been giving the thought of separation, division or schism, whatever you want to call it, long and serous thought for quite a long period of time as weak Bishops have allowed disobedience and defiance become the acceptable norm in a considerable number of Annual Conferences? We’ve thought about it long and hard, especially by those following a Traditionalist understanding of Scripture. I guess what might be new is all those Progressives are now thinking about it now that the Denomination has yet again affirmed Traditionalist Christian positions on marriage and ordination. No it won’t be easy, and their will be plenty of heartburn and heartache for some, but the continued dithering by UMC leadership is only going to make the laity more cynical and more likely to throw up their hands and leave to find a new spiritual home, whether it be a more “Progressive” social justice oriented denomination or a more “Traditionalist” personal conversion and Holy living oriented denomination or non-denominational congregations. Preservation of the institution of the UMC for its own sake is no longer a position acceptable to most American Methodists except possibly by those whose primary concern is their positions within the institution and the accompanying salary and benefits.

John more than 2 years ago


Most methodists don't have any idea what is going on except that their churches are dying.

td more than 2 years ago

The GC is the Highest Authority

It does have the right to allow exits. I would be in favor since the two sides cannot and will not agree. It's time for peace at last.

Skipper more than 2 years ago