Science and the Church



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science and the church

"The anti-gay folks will lose this argument no matter how many churches or other institutions they manage to tear apart with their animus and fear. Science and religion are only in conflict when people choose prejudice over reality." This illustrates the need, and the challenge, for gracious Christian discourse among those with deep and principled differences. "Anti-gay, tear apart, animus, fear, prejudice"...all that in just two sentences. And now traditional believers are against science, embrace a 144 hour creation of the universe? Can't find that on the WCA website. One of the best scholarly/readable authors on the relation of science and faith is historian Ronald Numbers of the U of Wisconsin...THE CREATIONISTS and GALILEO GOES TO JAIL AND OTHER MYTHS ABOUT SCIENCE AND RELIGION are two examples that would enhance and inform helpful discussion by people on all sides of certain issues.

Bob more than 2 years ago

Electricity and magnetism and optics

John Wesley was a scientist who was interested in alleviating people misery, hence his publications Primitive Physic (1747) and Desideratum (1759). He believed that electricity was the elixir of the human soul (Sermon 110). He was a student of Newton in forces in the universe (1725-1735). Moreover, in his sermons 103 and 109 (1788 and 1783) he cited observations of the universe through the telescope. Why did his interest in science wane? Not sure, but if his curiosity in matters scientific had continued to grow in the church I doubt that we would be having these same naive discussions that we see today. Hence, LBGT is needed to raise the issue.

Don E. Bray more than 2 years ago