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Serious Question

Why did you become a pastor in the UMC if you don't believe in the Trinity? or a Pastor in any Christian denomination? I am serious and not trying to be sarcastic. Why?

Sarah more than 1 year ago

You are not alone

When I first started monitoring the United Methodist Church via the internet, I was stunned at the number of times a pastor would put forth a theological position only to watch it thoroughly dismantled by somebody from the "other side". It leaves the rank and file person in the pew in the interesting position of not exactly knowing who to believe. That is when I finally understood why The American branch of The United Methodist Church has marked 50 years of steady, uninterrupted numerical decline that has the ability to make it disappear: The church is mired down in contradictory theologies that cancel each other out, leaving the church saying nothing in particular. I learned this after I spent 20 of my adult years thinking I was part of a church that was in possession of a specific theology! It is no wonder that I spent way too much of my life in a spiritual never-never land, unable to find peace with either God or the world. If the One Church Plan somehow makes it through GC2019, I am done because I have had more than enough of a confused church.

betsy more than 1 year ago

Criticism justified

I commented when your article was first published and I will comment now. Good News' criticism of your article and the position taken is absolutely justified. It's laughable that you are now taking the position that you've been blindsided. Again, you may be a very nice individual, but I have to wonder how you were ordained a UMC minister denying the idea of the Holy Trinity. If you choose to take provocative positions, you should be prepared to accept criticism for those unorthodox beliefs. I very much appreciate the folks at Good News standing up for Christian tradition and beliefs and not allowing people who purport to speak as UMC ministers go unchallenged. Perhaps taking the "loving" and unchallenging route has led us to the mess we are facing today. Just because your position may have been learned or hatched in academia doesn't make it the right position. I wish you best of luck in your future and God's love.

John more than 1 year ago


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