Six Questions for Post General Conference United Methodism



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Your comment of "Bigotry won" says it all. Please stop this slinging mud on BOTH sides. The only choice is to split. If we do not, only more harm will be done to everyone. Please stop this reactive slander on every side, we are only showing the world that Christians do not handle a difference of belief any different than the secular world. I believe every Methodist, regardless of which side of the aisle they are on, love Jesus and want to be the light for him in our hurting world. Methodist leaders, it is time to step up and deliver. Do what should have been done years ago.

Tracy Adams more than 1 year ago

six questions

"Bigotry won." This comment underscores why the One Church Plan had no chance. Words like this also demonize disagreement, and dispose of the humanity of gracious disagreement. Another snapshot of the challenge that progressive and traditional authentic leaders have before them in recapturing an constructive future and choosing a course other than a re-match in Minneapolis.

bob more than 1 year ago

The UMC is gone

And I do not know of one person who is celebrating. The reality is, we did not arrive at this point quickly, it took a long time and multiple generations of theological plurality to bring it to its knees. The concept of Methodist connexialism developed because at the outset, people chose to join themselves to John Wesley and his specific ideas, his specific understandings and his specific theology. Furthermore, Wesley did not invent anything new; everything was firmly rooted in historic Christianity. Another way to define what divides us is whether or not we believe we need to re-invent Christian doctrine for the 21st century or reclaim it.

betsy more than 1 year ago

“Bigotry won”

That pretty much sums up why we do not belong together. At least you now realize the “United” Methodist Church is an oxymoron to beat all oxymorons. Please go your own way and let us go ours and let’s wish each other the best rather than your unnecessarily demonizing those whose principals are not consistent with yours.

John more than 1 year ago


I agree. United Methodist Church is a complete oxymoron.

We have schismatics instead of theological and legislative unity.
We have chaos instead of method in our liturgy, evangelism, spiritual practices, rules, and governing bodies..
We have civic clubs and political activists instead of churches.

td more than 1 year ago

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