Six Things That Make White Christian America Toxic



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“It is technically incorrect, technically, to call yourself a ‘black Christian,’ or a ‘white Christian,’ or a ‘Hispanic Christian,’ warned Evans. “You must be Christian first. If we could get enough Christians to be Christian before white, Christian before black, Christian before Spanish … it doesn’t take 240 years to fix this. It takes about two minutes and 40 seconds…”

Betsy more than 5 years ago

I suppose we will eventually meet... the concentration camp, especially now that you've written this. I wish I was just kidding but there is a monster loose and it's the unbridled id of not so much Mr. Trump as his acolytes. I just read an essay on Salon which described people like Ann Coulter and Milo Yannonopoulos as nice in person but who essentially have a job of being mean. This is what American nativism has become. I've always been one to display leftish bumperstickers as an in your face to the right-wing, but now I'm seriously considering decommissioning the opinion wagon. People are going bats. Anyhow, loved the essay. I think you might have meant to say "rationalization" other than "rationalism" though. I love your work. Some say the problems you mentioned will go away if Trump is defeated. That's certainly not so. That's when he will go back to doing whatever he does, deals, I guess, but his supporters will get increasingly unhinged. At some point the ideological line is revealed as a circle and the two ends meet. God only knows what will happen when the far right discovers that. Trump himself already hinted at his awareness of it in his praise for Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, and Saddam Hussein. The American religious right knows it well, as James Dobson's Focus on The Grift made common cause with Iranian clerics at a UN population council summit.

George Nixon Shuler more than 5 years ago