'Staying' or 'Beginning'?



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A request for clarification

Just for the sake of holistically understanding the point here, I am wondering where doctrine fits into the question of unity. We ought to maintain a church while worshiping according to widely divergent doctrinal standards? Or we would not have doctrinal standards? Or they would be flexible according to Conference or congregation etc?
Of course we cannot say with certainty what Paul and the Jerusalem councilors would say, but I suspect they'd hesitate to approve a format for the Church which has loose or non-existent statements regarding sin. Nor would they be impressed that some of us want to change current standards with no guarantee that they won't be further changed in the future.
Once again I suggest here that traditionalists who are ready to separate after years of seeing the BoD undermined need not be denigrated as unloving Pharisees. Try as they might, centrists & progressives possess no more certainty or truth in their beliefs than do the traditionalists.

David Kingsworthy 329 days ago