Tell the Bishops: Give Laypeople Equality on 'Way Forward'



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Thanks for this thoughtful piece. I really enjoyed it and appreciate the clarity. However, I do think that most highly educated clergy and academics would agree that the laity ARE the primary theologians! I don't think they (academics and HEC) would balk at the prospect of laypeople as entirely competent theologians. As an academic theologian, I completely agree that the lived theology of the laity makes them far too important to exclude from the "Way Forward" discussion. More laity MUST be included for any decision from the COB to be viable and a true future for the UMC.

Brady more than 4 years ago


The Bishops were told to come up with a proposed solution. We should not be telling them how to come up with one. Let them go about it anyway they like. If it were up to me I would lock them all in and tell them not to come out until they had their proposed way forward.

Kevin more than 4 years ago


I feel we ask the Bishops for help. They will have should have both lay and clergy on the commission I hope 50/50. However this is the Bishops commission and it would be acceptable for many more boss to be on it. The recomendations will come from them

Linda King more than 4 years ago

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