The Birth Pangs of United Methodism as a Unique, Global, Orthodox Denomination



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Orthodoxy=Political Correctness

There's a reason there's not too many successful professors in politics - they tend to make their campaign speeches too long. So did Abraham here. He has the freedom to believe what he wants, but a United Methodist Church which does not change its outmoded apprehensions about our LGBTQIA Brothers and Sisters inevitably would become not a place of refuge but a sad island sinking under the weight of fearful hearts, to paraphrase Sheri Reynolds' introduction to "The Rapture of Canaan."

George Nixon Shuler more than 5 years ago

reply to Shuler

Obedience to Scripture is never "outmoded.". Should the UMC follow the Reconciling Ministries desired path then our beloved Methodist connection will slip into irrevelence just as PC USA, the Episcopalians, and the ELCA. The only course for revival is orthodoxy and obedience.

Jeff Lucas more than 5 years ago

UMC and orthodoxy

Amen Jeff Lucas and Bill Abram

Barry Bynum more than 3 years ago