The Court and the Christian Conscience



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Amy Coney Barrett

I find it imperative that we get into the heart of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, considering all that has been said and orchestrated.. And I welcome anyone to get into the depths of my heart as to why I am writing this.

The origin of her nomination began with a deceitful force bent on denying the first black president, Barack Obama to exercise his constitutional right to ask for a hearing for Judge Merrick Garland. You heard their twisted, deceitful rhetoric - all ignoring , denying, and castrating his legitimacy to do so. The "dog whistles" were very clear and their intentions had been laid bear long the nomination of Judge Barrett. This coupled by the deceit that's brought to forefront everyday is too much to bear.
Why would anyone with any integrity want to jump into bed with this deceitful entity? What do you tell your children when they ask why are black and brown children treated with such disdain? Can you reveal to them that when you had the opportunity to reveal the hypocrisy you chose to jump into the bed with them..Saying yes to this speaks volumes. What will your children say?
Earlier they came for President Barack Obama. And their plan is to come for all marginalized people of the world.. Just because.

Just tell Judge Amy Coney Barrett to say no, not now; I'll wait and be truly honored to accept the nomination when the present election is over, if given the opportunity.
If you can say yes to this

Cathryn Luse 6900 N 98th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53224 3 days ago

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