The Dirty Under-belly of the UMC's Prejudice Against LGBTQ Persons



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thinking of you, Lauren

Lauren, I hate that the UMC has lost you. Being retired military myself, I have had many types of friends while living all over the world. Yes, some of them were gay. They were all good people and had that "spark" of God in them. They are a part of the person I am today. These people were friends of mine and my husband. Walk the path designed for you, and know God loves you. You have sacred worth, even if the UMC as a whole says you do not. Not every Methodist feels that way, please remember that. I feel this is one of the many topics that has called me to the Lay Servant Ministry. We are all "Christians Under Construction". God isn't finished with any of us yet.

Elaine Barnett, USN, Retired
Ruckersville, VA

Elaine Barnett 1 day ago

We all must make choices

The church is in the business of ministering to sinners. That describes all of us. No one is perfect. It is appropriate for the church to welcome and nurture those of us who are broken. It is also appropriate to hold ordained ministers to a higher standard. Miss Padgett was aware of this requirement. She hid the fact from her supervisors and congregations. She has suffered no injustice.
Mart Goodman
First UMC, Cedar Park, Texas

Mart Goodman 2 days ago

let the one without sin cast the first stone

"She has suffered no injustice". Two thoughts come to mind;
A. let the one without sin cast the first stone
B. judge not; you get to be judged by the same standards.

wil meiklejohn 18 hours ago

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