The 'Disgust' Factor




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And Then There is God

We need to remember that God gets disgusted with people at times! The Bible is filled with examples from the time of Noah onward. That was when the whole world was drowned, except for Noah and his family. That's some pretty significant disgust on God's part. If some things make God this disgusted, then shouldn't these same things make us disgusted if we call ourselves His followers? The Bible is quite clear on what God finds disgusting, with all forms of debauchery near the top of the list.

Skipper more than 2 years ago

"Disgust" is not THE point.

Rev. Eckert may have a point about “disgust”, but not THE point. He implies that disgust is an individual attitude and we, like he, can get over it.
Rather, I submit, it is a cultural attitude instilled in me by my parents, their parents, my preachers and teachers and the drill instructors at boot camp. My culture has considered the homosexual lifestyle immoral for thousands of years. Mine does not kill homosexuals by law, but other cultures do. My culture just does not accept these alternative lifestyles as moral or normal. My church, in most cases, welcomes all sinners to the pews, but generally has not accepted all to the pulpit.
The Bible can be confusing on the subject, or at least, the interpreters can find what they want to find about God’s rules on the subject. But, I have not found, seen or heard of any Biblical report of God’s acceptance. While there are certainly Bible stories of men having more than one wife, there are no stories of accepted alternative lifestyles among either men or women. That strongly implies that my cultural mentors were correct.
Rev. Eckert invites us to google the word “disgust” as that might help us understand our personal objections. I suggest he google the word “queer”, a word proudly used by the homosexual community, so he might understand why so many of us cannot drop our objections. Just be a little patient, Rev. Eckert. At the rate we are going, in a generation or two, there will be none of us left who still cling to those ancient cultural moral values…
P.S. If anyone wants to use Bible stories as justification for multiple wives, you just go right ahead; after 41 years, I have found that only one wife is, at times, more than enough!

Reese more than 2 years ago

What a preening, judgmental person with no insight or self-awareness must think

"My culture has considered the homosexual lifestyle immoral for thousands of years. Mine does not kill homosexuals..."

No, instead you sneer and judge them and your policies marginalize and harm them deliberately because of your so-called "culture." Thank God your sniveling "culture" is dying out and will not be missed by people of good character.

George Nixon Shuler more than 2 years ago


I feel disgust toward those who swear to uphold the doctrine and discipline of The UMC and then do exactly the opposite. Lying and oath breaking are disgusting. We cannot make deals with such people.

kevin more than 2 years ago