The Marks of a Metho-Fascist



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Errors abound

Right from the get-go this article is off base. "Are We Better Together?" was published by Abingdon Press as one of their Faultlines entries. And though Walter Fenton is now working for the Wesleyan Covenant Association, Rob Renfroe is not. Demonizing the WCA is not helpful and probably demonstrates the author's fears more than anything else.

As for fascism, that's clearly an overreach in terms. But if any group could be held responsible for it, that would be, IMHO, those who are trying to force institutional preservation at any cost.

I am currently teaching a Sunday School class based on another Faultlines selection, "Living Faithfully." Purporting to be "neutral" and "balanced," it's not-so-subtle agenda is to convince readers that we all should "agree to disagree."

I personally prefer strong -- accurate -- opinion over that any day.

Karen Booth more than 1 year ago

Fun with Godwin’s Rule

Wow. Way to elevate the discourse, Richard Lowell Bryant. Ad hominem much?

Would you characterize the UMC’s current position on human sexuality (which has essentially been the UM position for the past 40 years) as “fascistic“?

If so, what could possibly have motivated you to associate with the UM-fC for all of these years? It’s not like there haven’t been other options available.

Rob Price more than 1 year ago

Proverbs 16:7

Walk with God first and everything else will take care of itself. God is King and Christ is Judge, this is not a Democracy. Okay stand for something. After attending a public session given by our Bishop on AWF last night it occurred to me that UMC has become lukewarm. No one seemed too happy regardless of their position.

Steve O. more than 1 year ago

Terminology and Words

I'll use the term fascist or fascism how and when I like. I am an anti-fascist. I am against fascism. So was Jesus of Nazareth. Is that incendiary enough? We need to be able to identify fascists before they do systematic damage to our church and country. Perhaps, if you're so worked up about it, you might be a fascist.

Richard Bryant more than 1 year ago

Spoken like a true social justice warrior,

But as far as a Christian minister . . . not so much. Jesus of Nazareth also knew sinful behavior when confronted with it, and responded to it by telling the woman at the well to go and sin no more. We Traditionalists/Fascists (whatever you want to call us), simply want to follow the Bible which identifies homosexuality as sinful, and then per Jesus’ example tell those LGBT individuals to go and sin no more. So, why would UMC clergy/leaders not want us to follow the Bible and Jesus’ teachings? It is because they have elected to follow a secular path, not a Biblical one. So, I ask you, which group is the real fascists here?

Your Loving Brother in Christ (who is conservative but not really a fascist),

Steve more than 1 year ago


To UM Insight and to Rev Bryant: Is this really the type of inflammatory and incendiary rhetoric that you consider as responsible Insight? How is this to be construed as anything but hateful toward the WCA, and a gross misuse of the term “fascism”? Rev Bryant, my observation is that you appear to be becoming the very thing that you rail against. I Invite the reader to reconsider the list of questions listed by Rev Bryant above from a viewpoint about 180 degrees from his, and that viewpoint being in a denomination where the laity is being led away from Biblical based theology to an ideology of “progressivism “ that appears to have now captured the majority of the Council of Bishops.

Scott more than 1 year ago

Disappointing language

I am disappointed that um-insight or any christian related website would publish this article. Fascists are responsible for the death of millions of people. While we may have strong theological disagreements, nobody is proposing killing anyone or to torture and imprison those they disagree with. This type of talk is both unprofitable and hardens the divisions between both sides. It may be necessary to split the UMC so that there is enough peace for both sides to continue serving the Lord. Years ago a couple of youth groups on a mission trip were fed by one of my churches. Every year these two groups work together. One was from an Episcopalian and the other from an Anglican church. These two churches at one time had been one church before the division over gay rights in the Episcopalian church. However they were able to work and fellowship together for the common good and for the Lord. We may have differences, we may split, but we should treat each other in love and not with ugly, divisive language. Our differences are sincere and both groups are trying to live the life, they believe Christ has called them to. A divorce is almost inevitable, but it does not have to be an acrimonious divorce.

Scott more than 1 year ago

"Differences are sincere.."

Sad that even though "Differences are sincere.."; one branch does not take the scriptures as written.

Robert C Thompson and Bertha C Thompson more than 1 year ago

Problem is...

Not everybody thinks like you nor will you ever find such a place. And when people fail to be who you want them to be, belittling them accomplishes nothing. Please feel free to go and create your perfect "non-Facist" church.

betsy more than 1 year ago

Yes, I know my answer

I've carefully read and highlighted the book in question and find nothing therein that any unbiased reader would interpret as fascist. Fascist is one of those easy, careless labels those who want the Church to assimilate with secular society and who want to adopt an anything goes approach to human behavior fecklessly throw about when they can't persuade others to accept their philosophical biases. You don't accept my worldview so you're just a fascist or a Nazi. Horrible labels, but ones which lose their meaning and sting when tossed at good people who believe in upholding traditionally understood Judeo-Christian standards. So yes, Rev. Bryant, I and others like me know our answer. And it's not likely that in the coming months we will be able to remain together in the same dis-United Methodist Church.

John more than 1 year ago


Either there are fascist in the Methodist church or your rhetoric is grossly inaccurate, but both options really suggest that the Conference Connectional plan won’t work and we do need a full separation of traditionalist and progressives. Very depressing.

chad more than 1 year ago

The Marks of a Metho-Fascist

When Rev. Bryant is referring to fascism, perhaps he is trying to make a point and not an insult. Let’s consider the following brief synopsis of fascism based on academic writings over the years:

Fascism is known for its support of racism and bigotry by populist demagoguery and by authoritarian suppression and regimentation of opposition in order to purify and save the organization from decadence and degeneration caused by liberalism.

The concept of fascism is usually applied to a political movement within a nation, but the general concept can also be applied to a political movement within a religious organization.

This I know: there is no theological or scriptural consensus among United Methodists concerning LGBT issues.

This I believe: we must address these issues with Christian love and not with authoritarian legalism.

Michael Sluss more than 1 year ago

Unloving, insulting point

If he's trying to make a point without being insulting, he shouldn't be using language that reasonable people will construe to be insultingly offensive. This is not hyper-polemicism; it's inflammatory. If we're going to work through our problems with love, that effort is fruitless when we resort to labels like "fascists," "Nazis," "apostates," "heathens," "heretics," etc. There's a world of difference between a careful examination and description of what separates us (and lovingly correcting one another) and stooping to the very mudslinging language that we decry in secular politics.

John more than 1 year ago


Michael Sluss, do you even realize what you have just done? You have not only supported Rev Bryant labeling the WCA as fascist, but have now linked this association with racism, bigotry, and demagoguery. Is that what you intended?

Scott S more than 1 year ago


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