The Narrative That's Destroying United Methodism



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This article highlights why evangelicals are leaving the UMC. This article highlights why evangelicals have left the PCA, Episocpal, and ELCA. Since the evangelicals left, these denominations have become irrelevant. The same will happen when all evangelicals have left the UMC- it will fall into irrelevency. Why should a liberal UMC be any different that those churches that have gone down this same path?

Evangelical Christian more than 2 years ago

The report of the "death" of Mainline Churches is greatly exagerated

Irrelevancy as used above just means "I don't wike it." The mainline churches are still standing like fine old oaks while the noxious vines of "Churches of What's Happening Now" present a gospel of capitalism, repression, greed, and meanspiritedness which is toxic and which few under age 40 have any interest in. "Evangelicalism" has devolved into a doctrine of forced religion not unlike Nebuchanezzar's Babylon and Calvin's Geneva buttressed by a bevy of get-rich-quick schemes parceled out to the members. Now that church membership is not needed to be a successful business entrepreneur or professional, it can return to the true meaning it had in the beginning, which was never the political correctness the right-wing seeks to enforce. People can exercise faith without oppression through these fine institutions. Forced religion is worse than no religion at all because from the get-go it is corrupt. The country will not be "made great again" because it was never all that great to begin with - just a nation full of sinners, punctuated by our pogroms against minorities, immigrants, women, LGBTs, and the poor. It is not likely UMC churches will ever dominate. What is certain however is that we never should seek a gospel of bullying to begin with.

George Nixon Shuler more than 2 years ago

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