The President's Blasphemy



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Then there was that temper tantrum in the synagogue...

Even the best of men (or, women) have a moment when they just get fed up with all the (you-know-what). Jesus had such a moment at the synagogue. Those forefathers of Goldman Sachs received His ire - by word and whip we were taught in Sunday School.
In the current example, a man who was elected by We The People, has been under attack since even BEFORE his inauguration. He has been attacked by the "Deep State" of federal employees, a most biased press (94% support Democrats), and a congress which has been planing a coup since the 2016 election. We, We The People, elected Donald Trump because he addressed our concerns about America. He has accomplished much of what he promised: illegal immigration is DOWN, our economy is UP, unemployment is DOWN, our stocks are UP, food stamps are DOWN, real wages are UP, terrorism against America is DOWN, the worst leaders of it are DEAD. Yet, those of liberal, socialist, anti-American bent remain at war with we the people who elected him.
This is not Sunday School. We are at war for survival on many fronts. I can't blame him for his aggressive and uncompromising demeanor in the face of what he is up against.

Reese Turner 16 days ago

Granted, and thanks to Obama for Donnie's Success

Umm... you don't want socialism? Send me your _SOCIAL_SECURITY_ checks. Pay cash for all of your medical needs, prescriptions, and so on. It's just hilarious to me that at least half of those "successes" came after Obama's legacy programs had time to take effect. Jobs creation... infrastructure allotments... healthcare to keep the population in better health to enjoy at least a bit of life. Watch what happens after a couple of years of all this program-cutting. Then again, wouldn't it be simpler putting us into trains to send us inconvenient progressive types to the labor camps that the 4th Reich will need to use to attempt to silence and forget about us? It's a slippery slope, "just following orders." I get why Trump spoke to so many voters, I really do. I can appreciate the directness and the complete disdain for "standard protocol." We will have to agree to disagree on what we feel are programs and ideas in the best interest of the US. However, it is anything but United, IMHO. Jesus' _righteous_ indignation at the temple being used for usury and shystering is FAR different, though, from the "Leader of the Free World" making fierce statements against the edict of Our Lord to love each other. John 11:35, siblings; John 11:35. I believe as strongly as you believe in "Your President" that Our Lord wants us to coexist peacefully... yes, we have always had war, and this demon-duped world, this vale of tears, will likely always be at war. But some of us are needed to heal the wounded, and some of us are to fight the good fight. No, it's not Sunday School, sir... it's Daily School. So let's work at Uniting the States rather than dividing them, shall we?

J. H. Gifford 14 days ago

You might be having a problem with his transparency.

But I can say that going beyond that, we’re grateful to the people in this room for the love they show to religion. Not one religion, but many religions. They are brave. They are brilliant. They are fighters. They like people. And sometimes they hate people. I’m sorry. I apologize. I’m trying to learn. (Laughter.) It’s not easy. It’s not easy. (Applause.) When they impeach you for nothing, then you’re supposed to like them? It’s not easy, folks. (Laughter.) I do my best.

William 17 days ago

This is the paragraph before

America is eternally in the debt of our nation’s African American churches all throughout this country. That’s why it’s so fitting and so — it’s one of the reasons we chose this particular church in Louisiana. For generations, they bravely fought for justice and lifted up the conscience of our nation. And we’re grateful beyond any measure.

William 17 days ago


" But in my view, our situation in the USA is parallel to the situation in Germany in the early days of the Third Reich. When the President of the United States contradicts Jesus, we need to pay attention." The words of Martin Neimoller grow more and more ominous everyday; viz. "then they came for me..and there was no one to stop them". By enabling the unfiltered amorality, we become guilty of it.

wil 17 days ago

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