The Third Temptation

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Keep politics

I agree that evangelicals should not blindly embrace a conservative political agenda, however the progressives in our denomination often follow a progressive political agenda. I have been to annual conferences whose agenda could have been written by Move The church needs to stay out of politics and focus on making disciples of Christ. When it takes a stand that shows support for a political side it turns away one half of the population. In a highly divided, highly politicised country we should be peacemakers, bridging conflicts, and teaching that making disciples of Christ is the true way to reform society.

Scott more than 1 year ago


Of recent date, the evangelicals have copied their liberal church siblings in using political power. If the black church had not used political power think of the American we'd live in today.

The dinos of the left and right have been left behind by the evangelical conservatives of today.

First the Tea Party folks read and applied the teachings of Sol Alinsky and Bill Ayers. They learned their lessons well. So well Trump was elected and his ratings today are still at fifty percent approval or their about.

Alinsky is the hero of Hilary Clinton. Ayers was the mentor of Barak Obama

The left assumed that their plantation was a happy one.

In the UMC, we pew peasants have revolted against the liberal plantation masters

Those masters are in a panic. Their funding is dying. They're gonna have to compete in the free marketplace of ideas.

No more quaranteed anything

Richard F Hicks more than 1 year ago