The Travel Ban and Sowing Love



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Ridiculous biased article

I'm no big fan of the current resident of the White House, but the position stated in this article is simply wrong and reflects how this agency of our denomination is completely out of touch with a majority of Methodists in this country and is dominated by left-leaning adherents of only one political party. The law as passed by Congress gives whoever is our President the authority for national security purposes to temporarily ban travel to our country from persons from other countries for the purpose of protecting the safety of US citizens. The executive order which the SCOTUS addressed is in no way "a ban on Muslims." If that were the case, the ban would not have included travel from N. Korea or from Venezuela, neither of which are populated by a significant number of Muslims. If that were the case, the executive order would have included travel from every nation with large Muslim populations. Where is Saudi Arabia or Morocco or Pakistan or Jordan or Indonesia or any number of majority Muslim nation on the list??? No where. What do the seven listed countries have in common? Either they are nations which have expressed open hostility to the U.S. or they have governments either unwilling or unable to cooperate with our State Department's screening processes for insuring terrorists are not allowed to enter for the purpose of harming U.S. citizens. Like it or not, the number one duty of the federal government is to protect its citizens from external threats. So yes, the man in the White House may be crude, rude and maybe socially unacceptable to some, but he was clearly within the bounds of the statute as drafted by Congress some years ago, well before anyone knew his name, and SCOTUS was on the right side of the law in upholding the specific Executive order it addressed.

John more than 2 years ago

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