The Violence of Unity



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Jesus wanted us to be unified in truth

Unity isn't the goal but to unify under God's Law, His Truth, and His example. What we have is a group who doesn't want to subscribe to the Law, Truth, and only wants to live by the "nice" Jesus. That isn't Unity, that is playing the game of cafeteria with the faith.

Brian Evers more than 1 year ago

Love starts with respect

When you learn to at least respect those who disagree with your perceptions, then we may be able to get somewhere. Respectful disagreement does not inflict harm or violence. The verbiage you use to define your disagreement does and that is why the UMC is done.

betsy more than 1 year ago

Disunity is not scriptural

You undermine yourself with forceful language about damage and abuse. Surely injustice reigns in the world, but to say that disunity is preferable because "members are still being abused" is grossly unfair and perhaps even defamatory toward good-faith servants in our churches. Your greatest failing here is that your call for disunity ignores Jesus himself; John 17:20-23 counsels us to remain one in love. How do your assertions of damage and abuse reflect love for those with whom you disagree?

David Kingsworthy more than 1 year ago