Toward a Progressive Methodist Vision



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Healthy debate, good structure.

I think we have a great structure. Regardless of how you feel on the issue, our structure has been effective. The answer isn't in these plans, although I think its good to prove out that these options aren't workable. After February, any conferences that want to leave can do what they've always had the option to do, vote to leave by a majority vote of their annual conference.

I think there is still the possibility that there is some type of reconciliation at this meeting, but it's less than 50% IMO. I can argue that this isn't that big of a deal to necessitate such a drastic measure, but others clearly disagree. I will accept the wisdom of GC delegates and the delegates to our annual conferences across the country.

Anonymous more than 2 years ago


Amazing! This article manages to use all the buzzwords of the far left wing of the American Democratic party. Are we swapping the Bible for the pages of Move On .org. However I have to agree with the author that a new Progressive Methodist Church is a good idea. The only solution is for both sides agree to am amicable split where there are no winners and losers. As somebody wrote a "mitosis" that leads to two new healthy denominations. Fighting for the bones of the UMC won't help anyone!

Scott more than 2 years ago

Council of Bishops, Please read Pastor Rohret’s post and all 5 comments below!

If you do, you will see an excellent pre-cursor of next month’s Super Brawl in St. Louis. Counting Pastor Rohret’s piece there are 3 strong votes for the progressive path and 3 strong votes against it. None are written with hate, but all reflect the non-negotiable positions of this debate and represent clear evidence that to spend time, energy, money, and our good humor trying to fit them together is a fool’s errand.
Yet, do I understand correctly that the powers have not allowed any amicable, workable, common-sense split of the UMC into the alternatives for St. Louis consideration? Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all work for the one thing we could probably agree on? Let each of us then commit to and build a church home which reflects our values and lifestyle. The alternative is to continue this non-productive cultural clash for another 50 years?
Finally, this entire string demonstrates the fairness and importance of um-insight. Thank you.

Reese more than 2 years ago

Go for it!

Just don't expect everybody to get on board with what you propose. And don't think that just because there are those of us who don't get on board that we are somehow deficient and mean spirited and we are out to harm anybody. I don't think that you are mean spirited and desiring to do harm, I believe that you have a whole different take on Christianity than I do.

betsy more than 3 years ago

Progressive Methodist Vision

I couldn't agree more! We do need a Progressive Methodist Vision. I don't know if this vision would end up to be exactly as Rev. Rohret has articulate it but I think it's an excellent start to the conversation. Her principles are profoundly biblical. Caring for the gift of creation, challenging the greed that oppresses the poor, welcoming all to the table. Sounds to me like a church with the potential to share the Gospel in powerful ways.

Kathryn J Johnson more than 3 years ago

Progressive Methodism

This sounds like the opposite of what I want in a church. Theology was nowhere to be found, you clearly are calling for loose sexual ethics in so many words, climate change? Really? This sounds like it would just be some average new age cult. Good luck with that.

Daniel more than 3 years ago

Time for a Left Leaning WCA

We have to come to terms with the fact that the Northern, Western and NE UMC churches need to consider schism. It is time to accept the fact that there can be no way forward with the traditionalists. Now I am partial to leaving the buildings that serve more as financial weights and focus on a US based mission to achieve Christ's vision. We need a backup plan that is not beholden to the traditionalists ploy for takeover. We need to accept that the discrimination, misogyny, and sexism of the traditional plan is not the way forward and fails to meet to basic test for a civil society let alone a way to bring people to Christ. This has happened before and Methodism has found a way to survive.

Eric Pone more than 3 years ago

But, I have NO interest in a progressive Methodist vision!

As a Christian born into the Methodist Church, a Methodist Church that started leaving me in the 60s, perhaps I am a “traditional” Methodist. To me, that means a church focused on the Bible, the teachings of Jesus, the rules of God, MYF and covered dish suppers on Sunday night.
But, as a “traditional” Methodist, the last thing I want is the passing of the “Traditionalist” plan because that is, in part, what is killing our denomination now. On the other plans, many of our churches have already adopted one of the “homosexual friendly” plans in which they violate the BoD and that has us in this turmoil.
You progressives are trying to swim out of your lane! I don’t want to go to church to talk about “global warming” or “world peace” or “Trump’s wall” or sexual confusion or any of that. Those things are discussed ad nauseum on talk radio, on TV, by politicians, at universities of scatter-brain learning. I want to go to church to talk about my God, my Savior, my life and how to be a better man. I want to hear some inspirational and toe-tappin’ music. I want to hear children sing and laugh and watch new babies baptized, and enjoy covered dish suppers.
Yet, I also believe that the strict “traditional” way will lead to more upheaval and I am uncomfortable with the WCA way which seems to me a power/purse grab based on the interpretation of Wesley’s words.
I just want my old church back. I am convinced that a true and total split of progressive and traditional will fully separate we who will never accept the lifestyle of the other, but want to worship and serve in our own way. My instructions from Him are not to judge, that’s His job, but my instructions from my mother and father and former preachers, teachers, drill instructors and more are that that lifestyle is not for me. I still believe that, and that I can never “legitimize” it by my association or support.
Some plans are “winner take all” and others remind me of the “everybody’s a winner” stupidity of kid sports now. Neither will work for the UMC. I’m not qualified to quote the Bible, but I can quote Yogi Berra, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

Reese more than 3 years ago

The fork in the road

I wonder, is it possible to walk side by side loving and respecting each other? I’m a relatively new Methodist. It truly feels like home. I decided long ago that I would love my brother and his husband just as the good people they are and I can’t imagine a God who doesn’t love them because God is the God of all. Traditionalism as being defined by the WCA is repressive, hurtful, and limits who God is-probably not a popular contention, but they are not the “traditional” Methodists I observed prior to becoming a Methodist almost ten years ago.

The topics you mentioned Reese are things I do discuss, probably because they are shared passions with some people that I’ve gotten to know. We share some passions. There are others that I love who are as different from me as I am from them, but we worship together in the same church. Our congregation is more progressive from center line, and truth be told, our congregation is shrinking and getting older (I live in NH). From what I have experienced, I hope the UMC stays where we are because the “traditional” things you mentioned are not traditional at all, Peace and God’s blessings

EHM more than 2 years ago