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Richard F Hicks 207 days ago


CNN settled a lawsuit for falsely maligning a teenage boy and the anti-Trump bias on that network is so obvious that their news is little more than daily rantings.
Rachel Maddow on MSNBC is being sued for accusing OANN as being little more than a Russian puppet. Maddow’s defense is that her comments are rhetorical hyperbole and should not be taken as fact. I take nothing from MSNBC as fact.
Both these networks pushed the Russian collusion story for two years and when the Mueller report let the air out of that fabrication they simply jumped on the impeachment bandwagon. I would hardly refer to these netowrks as “fact based”. Unlike Fox which has liberal hosts and guests MSNBC and CNN are in their own leftist bubbles.
The New York Times is wrestling with a serious anti-Semitic slant in its reporting. Recently sent out directions to its writers to be careful what they say in their on line postings as it can reflect negatively on the paper. When was the last time the NYT endorsed a Republican for President?
Every reporter puts their own biases in their reporting. I read the news from both sides and hope the truth is in the middle somewhere.

Kevin 208 days ago

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