Tyranny of Metrics



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Are we sure?

You know, whenever I hear a cleric saying these types of things ("God is bigger than metrics" type stuff), or recommend things that *can't* be measured ("lives transformed"), I'm always a little suspicious. Denial is an amazingly powerful emotion. *Obviously* the purpose of a church is to transform lives. However, you don't manage *any* group of people by appealing directly to the purpose of the organization. That's like deciding you're going to improve people's cooking by telling them "your purpose is to be a master chef." Neat. That's useless and unhelpful. Metrics serve to highlight weak areas, and *every* large, successful church uses them. The *metrics* aren't the point. The *point* is improvement of the organization, and unless you're Jesus himself, you *probably* have areas that could be improved. Why are so many (small church) pastors against using targeted metrics to improve their churches? Accountability much?

Joe R. more than 1 year ago

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