Seminary President Invokes Lincoln in Call to Resist “Killer Angels”

Wesley Exec Urges Rejection of Fear and Hate



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What a grave misunderstanding

of what it means to be a Methodist/Wesleyan. You cannot legislate the kingdom of God into existence. Only God can bring his kingdom into existing by giving the people the power to not only love God but also to love what he loves, including those you perceive as deplorable and inadequate; including those that believe differently than you.

betsy more than 1 year ago

But Betsy...

We can apply Christian principles to how our government operates.

Would Jesus approve of capital punishment, for example? Electing representatives who reflect that could change the system.

[Side note: I'm not 100% opposed to capital punishment, but I think it should be much more limited than it is currently, and when a capital punishment case is processed it should have a LOT of regulatory framework AND proceed pretty expeditiously. I can think of only of a couple of crimes that would apply, and any state that wanted to put someone into that process would hand over all prosecution to the federal government - who would have a dedicated unit (fully funded) whose job it was to prosecute and defend the capital punishment aspect. I would expect that these actions would reduce capital punishment cases to a handful per year, as there would be no local incentive in handling such a case.]

What about abortion?

[Side note #2: I'm in favor of women having the right to choose, but also in addressing the root causes of abortion - poverty, birth control, etc - to reduce the need before any legislative actions would be taken. I think that, in the context of those being in place, we could reduce abortion down towards only the actual medical emergency cases that occur.]

Stuff like that.

JR more than 1 year ago