Uniting Methodist Conference: Not Letting Ourselves Off the Hook



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I like to think of myself of as a Centrist.

Church rhetoric that declares GLBT as sinners is used to (literally) murder GLBT people. We cannot endorse, let alone institutionalize, any rhetoric that leads people to murder.

Centrists must vote for inclusion. There is no room for hate in the UMC. "All means all!"

Benjamin Uchytil more than 3 years ago

Submitting to God's Word

The UMC's book of discipline emphasizes the Church's commit to uphold God's word. This is what motivates those who want to uphold His teaching on sexuality. We are repeatedly commanded in the Bible, to "put out from among yourselves" those who refuse to repent of their sin. And the GLBT category of sin, is quite clearly laid out as sinful in God's word. Sexual sin is also one category of sin, that is emphasized as the type of sin, that demands church discipline. The UMC is sinning itself, when it decides not to follow the guidelines that God gives his Church.

Love does not demand approving, or ignoring all sin. Loving God does sometimes demand actions that a person under judgment may feel is unloving. I knew someone, who was involved in adultery for years. His church obeyed God's word, and properly pursued church discipline. He was eventually excommunicated from his church. It took many years, but he eventually repented. He later said that the church's actions hurt a lot. Discipline is like that. But, it is incorrect to label such actions as hate. Rather, it is an act of love to both the church member, and to God himself.

Unity in the church demands unity with God, not unity in rebellion against Him.

Joe Dunfee more than 3 years ago