All We Are Saying Is Give Peace a Chance



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I am in favor of keeping our current policy. It is not because I want to maintain institutional power but because it is the right thing to do. We have debated this policy for years and it comes up for some kind of vote every GC. I am fine with that because that is our collective decision making process at work. If the decision does not go as we like we are still ethically bound to uphold it. What I am not fine with are those who deliberately choose to violate our policy in defiance of the BoD. Having sworn to uphold the doctrine and discipline of The UMC they then go and violate the rules and then paint themselves as victims and the rest of us as oppressors. This is the part that angers me. How can we deal with people whose word cannot be trusted?
OK then let’s talk peaceably one more time and take another vote. What then? Will you accept the wisdom of GC? I doubt it. It is the LGBT crowd that continues to make our current policy a schismatic issue.

Kevin more than 5 years ago