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Cynthia, with great respect for our long friendship, I think you've misrepresented the the facts about the origin of Plan UMC. It was the product of a host of people, a whole bunch of whom were not white men from Texas. The Call to Action that started the ball rolling came from the Council of Bishops; the Connectional Table, with cooperation from the COB, formed the Interim Operations Team; the IOT commissioned the Towers Watson and APEX reports; those reports, along with the Call to Action triggered the IOT Plan which was submitted by the CT; the IOT Plan triggered Plan B and the MFSA Plan; the Plan B team negotiated with MFSA folks to include some elements of the MFSA Plan into Plan B; the IOT Plan and Plan B were merged to form Plan UMC; Plan UMC was amended significantly in plenary by Julius Nelson, the leader of the delegation from Liberia, to increase the African representation on general agencies; and that plan was approved by a 60% vote in plenary.

I don't think there has ever been a more broadly originated piece of legislation to be carried by a General Conference than that one.

LONNIE D. BROOKS more than 5 years ago

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