Could Challenging Our Assumptions Be the Answer for UMC Unity?



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inerrancy, interpretation and how the Bible is useful....

1. Even if the Bible is inerrant, Our interpretations are unique to each of us. (this is is overcome only when people believe what others tell them rather than reading and interpreting the Bible for themselves).

2. Those who see the Bible as a legal constitution will interpret it very differently than those who see it as a library of inspired and inspiring letters, essays and poetry written over many centuries in different cultures.

A legalistic and fundamentalist interpretation meets our needs for certainty..... I am unconvinced that it meets our needs to grow on to perfection.

Dr Tim Boone more than 2 years ago

The problem with this approach to the Bible

It wipes out 2000 years of Christian thought. Rev. Hamilton has decided that faithful same gender relationships are ordained by God so it is only natural that he would make the Bible fit his beliefs.

betsy more than 2 years ago

I have never met

...a self-identified believer in Biblical inerrancy who is not highly selective in the parts of the Bible he claims are inerrant.

But take, for example a pastor in a wealthy suburb who lives in $2.5 million house, drives a fancy ride, and lolls around the mini-mansion feeling self-satisfied. Does his Reverend remind him Christ told the wealthy young man to sell everything he owned and give it to the poor? Hell %$#&* No! Instead the Reverend feeds this man of property's prejudices by attacking the poor LGBTs and such. Because he wants this clown's check in the collection plate.

Biblical inerrancy is always limited by the speaker's interests.

George Nixon Shuler more than 2 years ago

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