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Many camps are seeing that parents are less comfortable with overnights for their youngest children because they are trying to be protective even if there really isn't any problem.

As a separate thought experiment, how would we expect parents and sponsors to react if a heterosexual male was going to be the adult leader on a camping trip for a Brownie troop? Not really rational, but would we be surprised if there was opposition? We need to try to understand those who think differently than we do.

Creed Pogue more than 8 years ago

Boy scouts

Before you ask the RMC you might want to look inyour own house first.

There seems to be lawsuit against UMC for abuse of children.

The lawsuit alleges that William Walker sexually molested more than 50 occasions in the mid-1980s, when Walker was pastor of the First United Methodist Church in Eugene, Oregon.

d more than 8 years ago


Pedophilia is a term used for those with exclusive sexual interest in children aged 13 or younger.
Nepiophilia is pedophilia classifies those with a sexual preference for infants and toddlers
Hebephilia are persons whose sexual interest is in 11-14 year old children.

You can find the definitions in medical dictionaries.

Have you ever read the BSO “Perversion Files?
They are available online and contain years of unreported sexual abuse allegations not reported by the Boy Scouts.
The NYT, ABC, NYT and other reputable news organizations have reported on the files and at least court case.

Did you know GLBT organizations embraced and accepted membership of NAMBLA members before the public outcry? Sexual preference comes in many forms and they all want their right to exercise their “born with” preferences.

d more than 8 years ago