Scared of the Wesleyan Covenant Association? Wait It Out



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reality check

According to the RMN website, there are 802 "Reconciling Communities" and about 34,000 individuals. Included in that tally of "communities" are Sunday School classes, Bible Study groups and choirs. No one should be surprised if there are over 1,000 individual local churches that join WCA in short order.

Creed Pogue more than 5 years ago

WCA size

There are three UMC Facebook pages, United Methodist Clergy, The New Methodists, and Progressive Methodists, which average over 6,000 members. That's probably about 20,000 United Methodists total, which is over 10 times as many as the WCA. That gives another perspective on the size of the WCA gathering.

Bud Tillinghast more than 5 years ago


While 20,000 is impressive, remember that's Facebook membership, which can be accomplished in a few minutes while sitting on the couch in front of the television set. This was a face-to-face, first-time gathering for which most participants had to fly in and out of Chicago and spend a night in a hotel... a far higher threshold of commitment. Certainly there are far many more individuals and congregations who first wanted to see what came out of that initial meeting who will now support the WCA; I think Creed's estimate of at least 1,000 congregations in the near future is more than realistic. Especially given that the WCA's statements of belief and purposes are in perfect with the UMC's Doctrinal Standards and Book of Discipline (with the one exception of the addition of the Nicene Creed).

John more than 5 years ago