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Blaming the Victim?

It's easy to practice retribution theology and look upon the "other" as somehow morally deficient. I think, however, if you change this article ever so slightly it could be about women being cast as somehow responsible for their own sexual assault because of the way they acted or because of their provocative dress. No one is responsible for this shooting except the man who incubated the invective of politicians like Bernie and birthed it into a rage that caused him to stalk and hunt his fellow human being like animal prey.

Dan more than 1 year ago

Hate Speak - No Matter How Subtle

Hate Speak - No Matter How Subtle has no place in Christian circles. The liberal left has continued to build, endorse and inflame the liberal public. From comedian, Kathy Griffin, to Saturday Night Live and late night talk show hosts such as Stephen Colbert, the liberal left has continued and increased the flow of Hate Speak until it was normalized and the U.S. public was desensitized, and events such as the riots at Cal Berkeley and in Oregon, and the Congressional shooting in Alexandria, VA occurred. The liberal left keeps looking for the negative and when they can't find it, they generate a hostile false narrative. Christians in America need to be passionate about their causes but loving and civil to all human beings, especially those with contrarian positions on the issues. This wide spread intolerance of opinion by the left has got to stop. As other comments to this article have already stated, "Household income is the highest it has been since 2002, up 2% since Trump was elected. The Dow Jones is over 21,000. Illegal immigration is down 67% since the election. Civil rights have been rolled back? Which ones?". This article contributes to the continued, negative discourse in the U.S. Remember the greatest Commandment.

William Dunkin more than 1 year ago

There are all kinds of nuts out there

Hodgkinson was a Bernie Bro who went the full Monty, but as such he was an outlier. He pales in comparison to people on the far right like Timothy McVeigh, Andres Brevik, Dylan Roof, and Eric Rudolph. He was a lone nut. Rudolph had enablers, and McVeigh had well-documented ties to a cult in Oklahoma called City of Elohim, I believe. The black-clad antifas who disrupted university speeches by Ann Coulter and Milo Yianopoulous bear watching certainly. Most people on the left and on the right do not endorse political violence. Radio talkmeisters like Michael Savage however, do. Greg Gianforte's assault of a reporter earned him kidos as "manly" from Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity.

What is missing is the sense wide access to firearms is non-negotiable. The NRA is in this sense a lone nut's best friend, since their legislative priorities insure the nuts can get easy access to guns. In this sense it's a business lobby for greater profits for merchants of death. There aren't enough good guys with guns to stop all the bad guys with guns.

Tony Campolo discussed the easy access to guns, saying since it enables bad people, perhaps accepting reasonable limitations on that access creates a greater good. I favor rights of sport shooters and hunters, but limiting gun sales to domestic abusers and violent antisocial personalities is sorely needed. Sure, there are crazies of all persuasions.

A retired soldier I knew was on a watch list because he had been a friend of McVeigh's. Once when George W. Bush came to the base to give a speech, he wisely obtained permission to take off work that day. In this he was prudent. No doubt the Secret Service was happy with that turn of events.

George Nixon Shuler more than 1 year ago


The author clearly lives in a different world. Using phrases like “observers are surprised…. or “economists have seen signs… is simply a cheap way to express her own biased opinions under the false cover of experts. With a minimal of Google searching we find that unemployment is the lowest it has been in ten years. Household income is the highest it has been since 2002, up 2% since Trump was elected. The Dow Jones is over 21,000. Illegal immigration is down 67% since the election. Civil rights have been rolled back? Which ones? I can’t think of any. And to say that we have had a coup d’etat is nonsense. A coup by definition is a change of government outside the parameters of the Constitution. That has not happened. There is no whirlwind of unbridled power. Simply because you do not agree with the current policies that does not mean there is unbridled power. You get to express your opinions and vote for your chosen candidates just like the rest of us.
Writing such as this is not fact based and it is irresponsible. It is simply throwing more inflammatory rhetoric into the public sphere prompting even more deranged people to act out their twisted fantasies such as this Bernie Sanders supporter did in Alexandria. This deranged shooter bought into the Bernie Sanders lie that his problems stem from being a victim of corporate greed and only a bigger government with tyrannical control over every aspect of our lives can save him.
I am one of those who is finally optimistic about the future of our country after years of warfare and pointless spending under Bush and Obama.
We do not need more government. We need less.

Kevin more than 1 year ago

Reaping, etc.

Facts are hard things. Be careful quoting facts. Facts are hard things. Some find facts hard to take.

bthomas more than 1 year ago


What planet are you living on? It certainly isn't this one. Get your head out of the clouds and come down to this world. You will soon see that the world you describe does not exist. The only people getting ahead in the USA is the 1-5%. I suspect if we are not heeding Cynthia's advice and take seriously our situation with a twit like Trump in the White House we will see a revolution and it will not be from IS terrorists but as a result of our own created failures, and our heads in clouds!

Rick more than 1 year ago

Reaping the Whirlwind

Excellent well stated response. Thank you Kevin

David more than 1 year ago

You obviously do not understand Methodism

if you think the church's job is to lobby the government to legislate the kingdom of God into existence. John Wesley never ever once approached the poor with a social justice initiative and he never once lobbied the government on their behalf. He approached the poor with a robust message about who God is and who they are in relation and then created a space where individual were connected to God and then to each other in a life transforming relationship that transformed whole communities one person at a time. The reason why John Wesley feared that Methodism would become the form of religion without the power is because under his guidance the economic status of the poor Methodists improved so much they became complacent in their faith. It was all about what John Wesley enabled God to do in individuals that made the difference--not some government program. Wesley's Priority #1 was always enabling individuals to live a productive life centered in God regardless of their circumstances.

Betsy more than 1 year ago


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