Serpent Wisdom and Dove Innocence

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Where was the outrage over government by fiat when Obama said he had a pen and a phone? The voters have given us unified government and hold expectations for some fundamental changes. Globalism will destroy our nation which is unique in the world. Nationalism is the word of the day.

Kevin more than 4 years ago

Lincoln Said "We Cannot Live Half Slave and Half Free

It's one world or none. Empires are relics of the 19th Century. Actually the voters preferred Mr. Trump's opponent by 2.8 million voters. He has no mandate for any change. He is a minority President installed by an antidemocratic technical anachronism in the constitution, voter suppression, and the obscene "Citizens United" ruling..

The very claim of "American Exceptionalism" is proven wrong by Trump's victory. A nation blessed by deity above all others would never had elected such a character. He is no different from the Emperors of Rome. America is the temporal power, an oppressive megastate, mammon personified. If Bannon and his ilk are not checked, the rest of the world will have to come kick our tuchis like they did Germany's in 1945 with just as much or more justification.

George Nixon Shuler more than 4 years ago