The Race War Is On, But It's Not What You Think



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Perhaps they just wanted to hear the AG

Perhaps the attendees, who made the effort to leave their homes to go listen to what Attorney General Sessions had to say, were frustrated by the planned disruption of his right to free speech and their right to hear him. Perhaps they were exercising their right to speech by booing the disrupters. Perhaps the two ministers could have offered their opposing views in an alternative venue and folks interested in hearing what they had to say could choose to go listen to them. I'm always somewhat amazed and amused when disrupters of the speeches of others are horrified or idignant when people who don't agree with their viewpoint or their method of trying to interfere with others speech are booed by those trying to listen to the disrupted speaker. The listening crowd has its right to express itself if a protester chooses to express himself in a disruptive manner. There should civility in political discourse even if some in leadership on both sides of the aisle aren't leading by example.

John more than 1 year ago

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